Thursday, March 21, 2013

Little Fairy All Aglow

Hello World!  Do you realize what's just around the corner? SPRING!!! :) How can that be?? This year is flying by so FAST!! :) It seems like just yesterday we were scrambling for last minute Christmas presents and now the stores are packed full of Easter items!

hmmm... Ok now that I think about it... Christmas does seem like it was forever OH WELL!! SPRING IS ALMOST HERE!! 

The springtime flowers are beginning to peek out of their cute little buds awakening the little fairies within!!! Ok... not really... but that lovely 'thought' is what inspired this whimsical photo shoot below!   What a beautiful evening this was; full of warm evening sunlight and delicate fragrant flowers.  I was super excited to FINALLY find the perfect session that would allow me to use my AMAZING little ladder! (given to me by the sweet momma of this family) Don't you agree that it has the PERFECT shade of minty green.(you will be seeing more of this superbly supreme prop) 

So without further ado, may I present a Little Fairy All Aglow!

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  1. She is so grown up all of a sudden and so very pretty too! I just love this spring photoshoot.

    1. Oh I know it!!! Thanks, my friend!! :)

  2. The colours in these photos are stunning and such beautiful light, looking forward to seeing more of your photography :) Earned yourself a follower, haha!


    1. Hello Kelly!

      Thank you so much for following and for your super SWEET comment! It made my day!