Monday, March 18, 2013

DIY 1960's Sidetable Redo

Alrighty folks... this spring break has been BUSY!!!  This week I  pushed up my sleeves and tackled several DIY projects...which I must say have turned out AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!!  Take a look at the project below... I am so EXCITED with the results. My original plan for this retro piece, was to turn it into a record table/artwork.  For the most part, it is EXACTLY as I imagined it... the only thing I wish I had done differently is the paint color...I would have preferred a less bluish tint and more green... but anyway... I am so HAPPY with it!!!(can you tell :)?)  So now I will give you a little detailed run down of the process( a little more than 'Just the facts ma'am')... So let's begin!!

(above) Here we have a pretty sad and boring nightstand.  Yes, it definitely needed a little DIY.  BUT... that meant the possibilities were endless!!!  A blank canvas so to speak!   

(above)  The top of the nightstand was formica.  I began by lightly sanding it to ensure that the paint would have something to adhere to.  Then I coated the entire thing with a white base coat.  Unfortunately, all I had on hand was a high gloss paint... which really shouldn't be used as a base coat(makes it a little rubbery).  BUT... since I had ABSOLUTELY NO intention of 'wasting' time to go purchase the correct paint... I made do with what I had.  and ya know what??  IT WORKED PERFECTLY!! Just sand it down a little after it's dry.  Next I applied my first coat of mint colored spray paint.

(above) Ta da!!  The final coat of spray paint made a WORLD of difference!!  Next I freehanded my design!!(with a black sharpie) WOO HOOO!!( the fun had begun!!)  For painting the design, I just used acrylic paint that I always keep on hand.  I wanted my feathers to have ... well ...a 'feathery look'. So I took my paint brush and applied the paint in a messy way. (ok... I know that's not the best explanation but... just pretend it's a definition from a dictionary)  

Once the paint dried, I came back with my TRUSTY BLACK SHARPIE and retraced my lines and added more detail. For the front of my BRAND SPANKIN NEW record table, I whimsically scribbled(wait is that an oxymoron??)lyrics from some of my favorite songs!!  At some point I will add some funky fabric to the inside to hide the ugly brown interior.  

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little DIY project!!  Again, I am SO HAPPY with my new record table/artwork!!  

So... has anyone else spent their spring break doing a little DIY? I'd love to hear about your projects!!
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