Monday, December 24, 2012

Oh What a Beautiful 'Evening'...

Vintage couch + Beautiful old oak tree + Golden sunshine + Lovely family = An evening of sheer delight! 
This photoshoot was an absolute blast!! But... before I go any further...did you happen to noticed that INCREDIBLY AWESOME vintage couch?? As much as I would like to say," Oh yes, it's my latest purchase for family sessions.', I cannot.  It belongs to this lovely family. I must admit, the thought of stealing it did cross my mind! :) The momma had envisioned her family sitting on the couch beneath a beautiful old tree with the sun glistening through the trees. The Lord blessed us with a beautiful evening and allowed us to take some amazing photos. I find such joy in the planning process of a photoshoot and then watching all of the details unfold and come together so beautifully- it's just AMAZING! The lovely momma and I spent ...oh I'd say about...5 hours deciding on clothing for the family. There was not a chair, room, or spot on the floor, that was not COVERED with clothing options! but... It was definitely worth the time and effort. We are simply thrilled with the way the colors POP OUT and look so stunning! During the shoot, you could just see and feel the love they have for one another! Everyone was in constant giggles, partly due to the little girl sitting on her daddy's lap- so cute:). This session makes my heart leap with excitement and love for these photos and I hope they make you feel the same way!

Merry Christmas! 
May your days be Merry and bright!,
p.s. Stay tuned for some amazing photoshoots to be posted after Christmas!!! 

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  1. I am completely in love with that couch...these family pics are so beautiful!