Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Super-de-Duper Cousin

Good evening. (spoken in my best Alfred Hitchcock voice) I would like to introduce you to one of my super-de-duper cousins. As you scroll through the photos, you will come to the conclusion that he possesses a highly convivial charisma. 

*crickets chirping**blink-blink*

Now...before I go any further...I would like to thank and give a huge 'internet high-five' to those of you who just thought, "Wow! She has such an amazing and huge vocabulary! 
and... of course I did write it all by myself.  Just me and my dictionary. ha!

Translated it says, my cousin is absolutely HILARIOUS!(yep...short and sweet)
He is a huge fan of TobyMac, the Christian music singer(come on who isn't a fan of TobyMac), and he agreed to pose for some TobyMac-ish photos. Ok...I did have to persuade him a little bit.  Funny... everytime a car went by he seemed to vanish into thin air. Actually, he was hiding behind a bush. Not sure what his problem was.  Maybe he was a little embarrassed that people would think he was getting his senior photos taken by a girl in her pjs with crazy hair and possibly without shoes...hmmm...I suppose that could have been the reason. ;) Anyway...I hope everyone is having a lovely day!!! (because it's gloomy and rainy where I am)

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