Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Auntie and Her Family

My Auntie and her family
all goofy and quite giggly

With the sun's golden hue
some were even dressed in blue

Plates colorfully adorned with faces
as the whole family embraces

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, how AMAZING is that poem! What rhythm what emotion what creativity!  Am I right??! Ha! Not so much! :)  but it's my best attempt.(for the 2 minutes that I attempted it) Poetry is not quite my...ummm... forte, shall we say? Although sometimes I think of a really terrific line of poetry and I quickly run to jot it down because SOMEDAY someone MIGHT read it and I will become FAMOUS! (yeah, you know what I'm talkin about) 

So... anyway... this photoshoot is very dear to my heart because it's my Auntie and her family!!  Whoo hoo! We came up with this super fun idea to draw their faces on the back of a plate.(aren't they just the most fun...funnest...mostest fun...mostest funnest??)  These were taken after Thanksgiving, so we were very blessed to have a couple trees still clinging to their gorgeous leaves.  Actually, the vibrant orange leaves in the background are the ONLY trees with leaves still on them. God is so good! We had so much fun and as you can see from their smiling faces, they LOVE me!! :) Enjoy!! :) 

Be sure to check out the video below of their Christmas baking! The kitchen is COVERED with dishes and cooking items!

Christmas 2012 from Kat
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  1. Your Auntie MaryMoo loves you very much! Let's do this again. And again. And again....

    1. Yes, let's definitely do it again...and again...and again!!! Love you too!!