Saturday, June 22, 2013

Paul Family

Warm golden sunshine filtered through the trees and bathed this session in the most gorgeous light!  After two years of talking/planning a family photo shoot, this sweet mama and I were finally able to make it happen!! (several hours distance between us) 
I always love to watch the details of a shoot come together. :) Sometimes amidst the stress of gathering items, lighting, and weather, the vision for a shoot can become a little clouded. But the second the photo shoot begins, frustration and doubt melt away allowing everyone to truly enjoy their 'happy place' that we have tried to create!! 
These little kiddos love to play dress up together!! This became our 'theme' for the shoot.  Enjoy! :)   

Show me your funny face! :) 

Do you notice anything about the above photo? he he? Someone is hiding in the background! 

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