Monday, January 14, 2013

Antique Shop Adventures

Ok folks...I am absolutely thrilled - wait...I'm not sure that was quite loud enough...I AM ABSOLUTELY THRILLED(got your attention didn't I):) to share this session with you!! I have been dying - Seriously Dyyyiiing, to take portraits in an antique store and I was finally blessed with the opportunity to do so!!  A local shop allowed me to bring in my client and use WHATEVER OUR LITTLE HEARTS DESIRED!! Can you imagine how excited we were? A store FULL of props!! It was around Christmas, so we did have to dodge a few customers. It made for quite the adventure and my friend and I had an amazing time - of course we had to do a little shopping as well!! ;) Once we new we wanted the photoshoot to take place inside an antique store, we decided to pick a 60's themed outfit, hairstyle, and makeup. My dear friend Felicia, is a makeup artist (visit her blog here)and has a fantastic sense of style! She arrived at my house with everything but the kitchen sink! :) When she pulled out the dress that she is wearing in the photos- I was ecstatic!! It was absolutely perfect!!! Plus, we also made a video for this shoot, which I am COMPLETELY in love with!! So without further adieu, I am proud to present... Our Antique Shop Adventures!! Enjoy!!! :)

Moon River... from Kat
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  1. This photoshoot was a blast and the photos are beautiful! I had so, so much fun. Dress up, antique shopping, friend time and pretty pics...perfect day!

    1. Thanks, my friend!! :) I had a blast and we need to DO IT AGAIN!