Monday, December 3, 2012

Grand Canyon Adventures

     My dad, cousin, and I decided to embark upon the amazing adventure of hiking the Grand Canyon rim to rim! What a breathtakingly beautiful trip it was!  I love Arizona and find beauty in every rock formation and prickly cactus. But...I'm getting ahead of myself. Rewind to the initial packing and gathering of gear.  
  Our adventure begins with a trip to meet my aunt halfway to pick up my cousin, a 6 hour drive in itself.  The purpose of the WHOLE trip, of course, was to go backpacking in the Grand Canyon.  As we met, my cousin suddenly realizes," Oh NOOOOO! I left my backpack at home!"... and thus begins our hectic/chaotic preparations! 

 The first 11 photos are from Monument Valley. I absolutely loved Monument Valley and can't wait to go back someday!  Of course being an avid John Wayne/western/John Ford fan, I highly recommend visiting Monument Valley and especially Goulding's Trading Post. 

 The hike in and out of the Grand Canyon was unbelievable.  Beauty abounded everywhere...I don't understand how people can visit and walk away believing the evolutionist's theory of how it was formed. Clearly it was created by THE Creator! Words can't capture how wonderful the trip I will instead allow the photos below to speak for themselves. (although the photos still can't begin to do it justice!)   

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