Monday, December 17, 2012

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun...

     Hello Everyone! Can you believe it's just ONE WEEK until Christmas????  Are you getting excited?  I just love this time of year... the decorations, the crisp chilly air that fills me with such excitement, yummy food, TIME WITH FAMILY, but most of all to remember the reason for this season!  

  One of my cousins recently had a roller skating birthday party followed by her winter dance recital! I brought along my camera and snapped a few shots...let me just say, with the funky disco balls and rainbow colored lights everywhere, it was a little tricky to photograph! Plus, it was obviously pretty dark inside(I could just BARELY see people through the viewfinder)...after all it was a roller rink! We had such a fun time...mostly because we were able to spend time with family! That's always the BIGGEST plus! Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this post and check out the video I threw together of her dance recital!    

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  1. And you make movies! Totally reminded me of my ballerina days.