Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall 2012 Session- Apples, Quilts, and Books, Oh My!

     Fall has officially arrived and with it comes the excitement of shooting fall sessions!  There's just nothing quite like the warm golden sunshine and fall colored quilts to bring on the autumn atmosphere. Here is a recent fall session that I'm thrilled to share!  This is such a lovely family and I'm very blessed to have had the opportunity to photograph them several times.  The kiddos are so relaxed in front of the camera which makes the evening run very smoothly and provides for an enjoyable time!  We tried to capture the fall atmosphere with fall colored quilts, apples, books, and fall clothing(which I might add, their mom did a FANTASTIC job of coordinating!).  Plus, little Maddy wanted to have a special photo with her doll.  (just think how cute photos of a little girl with her doll would be decorating the walls in her room!!! )  She was also was quite the loving sister as she read to her siblings while cuddling on the quilts!  Enjoy!  :)

Don't forget that now is the time to begin planning family photos!  Contact me for dates and times and let's begin planning your session!  I am beyond excited to work with you!

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  1. I love this post, Kat!!! So beautiful. And I loved that Miss Suzy book growing up. :)