Monday, October 22, 2012

Be a little Spontaneous!

        I have noticed that most portrait sessions are either seniors, families, weddings, or other various events.  This somewhat disappoints me. Why must there be a 'reason' for scheduling a portrait session. Sometimes, you may just want to be spontaneous and have a little fun!!  After all, who wouldn't love to get dressed up and have their own personal photoshoot!!???  Also, there seems to be somewhat of a stereotype concerning portraits and younger people.  There should be NO age limit!  Whether your older or younger, do not let this stand between you and the opportunity to have the time of your life being photographed!  Maybe you've wanted to schedule a portrait session in the past but have been a little 'shy' or 'uncertain'.  I hope this gives you the inspiration to go ahead and fulfill your dream!!  Also, this would be a wonderful way to bless someone!  For a birthday or a Christmas present, you can now give the gift of a portrait session!  Contact me to schedule your personal photoshoot or to purchase a session for a friend.  I look forward to working with you!

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